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High quality, professional external filters providing complete multi-stage filtration for marine and freshwater aquariums up to 400 litres.

  • Quick Start push button primer allows for instant priming and quick and easy installation, eliminating the need for manual priming and avoiding any risk of water spillage.
  • Unique multi-stage modular filtration trays combine both mechanical and biological filtration ensuring complete filtration of the aquarium whilst also allowing for easy removal and replacement of filtration media.
  • Quick release hosetail taps allow for simple connection and maintenance. These taps can be manoeuvred through 360° to eliminate any kinks in the hosing and to aid installation in even the smallest cabinet or set-up.
  • Two large safety locks and slide locks ensure the filter is completely watertight whilst also allowing easy access to the filtration and pump chambers for simple maintenance.
  • Telescopic water intake strainer system allows the V2PowerBox to be used with all aquariums, whilst the outlet spray bar ensures maximum water circulation of the filtered water around the aquarium.
  • The V2PowerBox is powered by a quiet, energy efficient pump which provides high performance at a low wattage with virtually no noise.
  • Unique, ergonomic space-saving design provides the complete filtration solution to complement the latest sleek ‘lifestyle’ aquariums.

V2PowerBox 200 Max Aquarium Size: 200 litres/44 UK Gal Effective Filtration Volume: 7 litres. Approx Flow Rate: 860 l/hr Dimensions: 180mm (wide) x 250mm (deep) x 470mm (high)

16mm Inlet - 16mm outlet

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